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HISTORY Mark Kirkner, owner/operator of Trilogy Sound & Production has been mixing professionally since 1992. A musician since 1974, playing all styles of music from weddings to rock, Mark knows how to produce rich quality sound resulting in a highly professional event … “You create the product, it’s my job to present it.” Trilogy staff projects a professional appearance, high quality sound, great attitudes all while maintaining attention to details. These valuable attributes are part of every Trilogy production. *Every event mixed from the heart* (610) 804-3890 or email to: for more information.


LauraLea and Tripp Fabulous

Shore Bets Booking Agency

Eleven Eleven

Drop Dead Sexy
Elastic Waistband
Lima Bean Riot
Frank E. Kielb Agency
Love Puppies

Michael W. Smith
Ryan Partnership
Spectators Sports Bar



Favorite Sound Engineers: "That’s easy…it starts and ends with Mark Kirkner. He is definitely the best in the business." Dave Whiteman, Bassist, Drop Dead Sexy

"I am & always have been a huge supporter of you and your skills." Zack Harting, Shore Bets Agency

"Mark Kirkner is hands down one of the finest sound engineers I've had the pleasure of working with; his skill, experience, disposition, professionalism, and work ethic make him a great asset for any band." Steve Turner, Guitarist, The Benderz